Thanks Sugar Cane. I knew it really deep down. I think the irritability has been a real sign he is struggling with keeping it hidden. He is currently in a lot of pain and I think he will have to have surgery. Need to find the right time to tell him.

One thing I could do with help on with your experience of emotional needs. I did speak to BF today about how I have been feeling about lack of probably didn’t come out the ideal way but I did not sound angry or demanding.

I said to him that it’s been over 3 years since you have told me you love me or initiated anytime with me. I told him that I need something more from him as I feel like a dried out old tea towel LOL. I even went as far to say look if you don’t feel that way about me then I would rather you just tell me, then at least I actually understand but if you do still love me then I need you to show it!

He got a bit defensive at first and mentioned all the money he has spent taking us away on the boat over the summer as money invested in us! I said it’s not about us going away as a family it it time on our own together and it’s not about spending a lot of money, it’s about him initiating time together on our own out of the a walk along the beach holding my hand or going out paddle boarding in the evening. Just something!

He responded to me by saying that he really struggles with the fact that he feels like he Does not rock my world anymore. That he sees me laughing with my friends and that I don’t really do that with him. He has always said this. He also mentioned the neighbour coming round and got mad about that. My goodness that has been mentioned more than his cheating. Does this mean he has a high EN for admiration?

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