Hi MB friends

So thank you for your responses.

I have been madly busy getting the kids ready for school. They are all settled now and having this space time makes things much easier to deal with this next important step.

BF has been more full on with me that ever wanting to see me every day all day. Whatever I said to him last week he has listened to every word. He has organised days out, evenings out and evenings in, pretty much every day.

Typical that I now need to tell him this about AA or rehab. We are meeting for lunch tomorrow and I will draw the line in the sand then.

Still what bothers me most is his ambivalence about the relationship. Although his actions show one thing his words say another. He got a builder round to the house look at a big extension on the house, which he wouldn’t bother doing unless he didn’t want to come back. Yet he says nothing. Sometimes I wonder why I want to be with someone so confusing.

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