Morning all

Still been here and reading.

Ofcourse, I haven't said anything to him YET about his drinking. I have been enjoying falling in love again and the amount of attention he has been giving me. It has been amazing and he has not been able to stay away from me. We have spent so much time together since the children have been back at school, going to the gym, out for lunch and on the boat. He got me a beautiful bouquet of flowers last weekend out of the blue.

He still hasn't mentioned wanting to come home, and social media he doesnt post anything about me just him and the children.

Yes as you all knew it would only be a matter of time before something went wrong and this weekend he went out and got drunk with his friends and was so hungover he couldn't get out of bed Saturday morning (at his house). He made some story up about he went to pilates class and then for a run, but I know its lie and he was just covering up the fact he was hungover. It made it even worse that some married friends of ours came over Saturday afternoon to see us all. Happy together and committed and where is BF hungover at his batchelor pad.

I am going to talk to him tonight about it after he drops son of at our house. I feel clearer about it and more assertive without having an angry tone ofcourse.