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Did you have the talk with him on Monday night? How did it go?

Hi SugarCane

I hope you are well!

So BF has agreed to go to AA and stop drinking. He had his second session with AA this week. He absolutely hates it, but knows that he is drinking far too heavily at weekends and that it needs to stop. I said if this doesn't work then it would have to be rehab.

I have to tell you it is awful though. I actually use to like him drinking and even look forward to it because it would loosen him up and make him relax more. He was irritable in the week when he wasn't drinking and now its even worse.

I'm sure SugarCane will be by soon but I wanted to say congratulations. This was not easy for you and it's not over yet but your children have learnt a massively important lesson about not giving up that they will hold onto for the rest of their lives.

Drying out will take several months. You will gradually see him lose the irritability, therapy would be good, he was self-medicating with alcohol and needs to address the demons that he was hiding from. The complete process including the brain rewiring takes 5 years.

Well done!

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