Hi All

Just popping in as really struggling right now.

BF was at the house on Tuesday and really irritated, and was complaining about the poor wifi at the house and how it never seemed to work and that was one of the things stopping him coming home. It really got under my skin and it was one of the moments before when I would have lost my temper. I cannot believe the audacity that he would be away from his kids and I just because of that? All I said to him was well at least it works fine in your house so you can get your work done there. I am not sure what he was expecting me to say?

So again, I find him confusing. We had a conversation in the kitchen last week about how well things are going and he said , I think we are going to be ok CoolB I know we are? Otherwise I wouldn't have booked for us to go away next Easter!

I guess I am feeling at that point where we have been dating for 4 months its been going really well but he has STILL made no mention of marriage or coming home. Feeling frustrated and incredibly insecure.

I also checked his facebook this week, even though we are still not friends on it. He has put up a charity post about collecting football boots for childrens homes, one of the girls who has responded he knows I had an issue with previously, and she has donated him boots and then asked for help to find a club for her son, and he has offered to ring round and help her. Admittedly she put a kiss at the end of her message and he didn't.

I am feeling so furious. I haven't even had chance to mention it because I don't want him to know I am checking his facebook.

Why hasn't he

1. Posted ANYTHING about me on social media - why is he keeping us quiet
2. Mentioned anything about moving back home
3. Why hasn't he added me on his facebook page - maybe annoyed because I took him off before?

Not sure if this is all hormonal or what but I just need to vent sorry frown

I am also feeling furious because I don't feel like he is being there for his children just swanning in and out when he feels like it and we are all sat here. We have booked a baby sitter to go out for dinner tonight, he arranged it, and I am just not feeling it at all.