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Also got really triggered by his affair yesterday. It is the first time us as a family have been to London. This was where the affair started.

He told me that she was a hairdresser in London. He told me that it was one time he couldn’t get into his normal hairdresser so he went somewhere else. Then yesterday he said he had only been to one hairdresser. So this is not consistent so I made a comment to him about that.

When we got off the train he said to me anymore snide comments CoolB and I am going back home.

I am really angry about it and now think what a pack of lies.

More stuff that just questions why I am doing this.

Cool; both of you are free agents. Of course what he did was perfectly horrible but you are not married to him. Generally we advise people not to marry someone that behaves like this. Dating is the way you test someone to see if he is marriage material. In your case the situation is more complex because you have children together.

But what you cannot do is keep punishing him by bringing this up. Either dump him as non marriage material or work on the relationship and stop discussing it. He is telling you that this is destructive and he is right. I hope none of these conversations happen in front of your children.

How is the AA going?

3 adult children
Divorced - he was a serial adulterer
Now remarried, thank you MB
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