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Cool; both of you are free agents. Of course what he did was perfectly horrible but you are not married to him. Generally we advise people not to marry someone that behaves like this. Dating is the way you test someone to see if he is marriage material. In your case the situation is more complex because you have children together.

But what you cannot do is keep punishing him by bringing this up. Either dump him as non marriage material or work on the relationship and stop discussing it. He is telling you that this is destructive and he is right. I hope none of these conversations happen in front of your children.

Hi Living Well - yes you are right. I wont bring it up again. The issue I had about it, is the lies about the woman he had the affair with.

Worse than that. BF had been drinking again at the weekend, and when I got up Sunday morning, I also found the remnants of white powder on the side frown

I confronted him Sunday morning about the white powder and he said he most definetly had not done that. He just barefaced lied to me. I told him I do not want any drugs in the house. I said to him do you think I am imaging things strong white powder on the side? He said yes, and I said how nasty is that to make me think I am imaging it.

So here I am again back at square one. Now I have to confront him again. He is coming over tonight, what do I say? Do I do it in person or over the phone?

Dr Harley said that if he starts to drink again then I must ask him to go straight into rehab and if he doesn't do Plan B.

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