One cannot have a normal relationship with an addict:
1. the addict will put the addiction over everything else.
2. if the addict is hiding the addiction, you are dealing with a partner, who is either somewhat high and Nlt reacting like his/her usual self, or irritable, because the substance is wearing of.

As you are probably dealing with both sides aka mood swings, a good relationship is very unlikely and you are always walkingon eggshells, because you never know how he is going to react.
And this is true for all addictions, even smoking, when your partner tries to hide it from you and is not having a regular brainsupply of the favorite substance. Also, they pick fights to get away from you to be able to use.

If your boyfriend is on cocaine and alcohol, it is no wonder that he does not want to move in with you as it would interfere with his addictions. Also, there is the contrast effect of nice but tedious family against the highs of cocaine. Not good.

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