Thank you Happy Heart

Had a terrible weekend he has been moody, cold and irritable all weekend. He then announced Sunday afternoon that he was heading back to his house.

I went outside to talk to him away from the children. I asked him what was up, that he had been moody and irritable with me for 2 days. He said that no he hadn’t all had been fine, that he wanted to head home to sort his motorbike out. That he didn’t want to talk about it right there that maybe another time.

Well I am fed up waiting for another time and fed up being treated like a piece of trash.

On his way out I told him that I can’t do it anymore. He left the house and said that’s fine, ok.

For my own sanity and mental health. Him just wandering in and out whenever he feels like it.

He has too many issues alchohol, cocaine, moody swings and independent behaviour. It is just never going to work.