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Thank you Living Well.

The problem is now, IF he agrees to go to rehab what about all the other issues? How will they get resolved?

I am not sure rehab can wave a magic wand and solve all those other things. There is the coercive control, the financial control, the independent behaviour frown

There are no guarantees but the therapy that is a core part of rehab is designed to deal with the demons. Nobody becomes an addict without having demons. Controlling behaviour is a result of deep insecurity, a feeling that the world is your enemy so you have to hold tightly onto everything you can control.

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When his mood switched this weekend and he went cold on me reminded how he did that all the time when he was living together. It was awful and I have not had to put up with that for such a long time.

That's the withdrawal. Addicts crash. He rushed off for his next fix.

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Also not sure the rehab can fix the flirting, lack of boundaries around women and perceiving himself as single on social media!!!

Your problem is that he is in actual fact single. The fix if everything else gets sorted out is to get married. But that is far in the future.

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