I did some research today and found a local rehab place. I spoke to a helpful lady about what has been going on and she said he needs to have an assessment with a psychiatrist and then formulate a plan. She added that from what you have been telling me it sounds like he will need in patient treatment. She has booked an appointment with one of the leading consultants there and said that will be the first step.

I now need to ask him if he will go and talk to someone. Hope and pray he will say yes, I think he will.

He is avoiding being on his own with me. He knows something is coming as I have told him we need to chat. He has started to panic as I think he is thinking I am going to end things with him after how I was Sunday. He has been sending me holiday ideas trying to get me to commit to dates and even posted a pic of me on his Facebook account.

Things have massively started to fall into place about what has been going on all these years. It’s like everything is making sense. All the times that he blamed me for stuff when in reality it was all part of the anger / bad mood withdrawal cycle. Which is why I could never understand why he wasn’t happy particularly as I went all out to try and make him happy! Makes me feel a bit better about myself smile

I guess him having his house is probably a way that he can get as drunk as he like and isolate himself when he needs to frown

Lightbulb moments!!

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