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I did some research today and found a local rehab place. I spoke to a helpful lady about what has been going on and she said he needs to have an assessment with a psychiatrist and then formulate a plan. She added that from what you have been telling me it sounds like he will need in patient treatment. She has booked an appointment with one of the leading consultants there and said that will be the first step.

I now need to ask him if he will go and talk to someone. Hope and pray he will say yes, I think he will.

Best of luck with this, you can do it. Remember that children learn much more from what their parents do than from what they say. They see him getting drunk and the violent mood swings (very scary for a child). They have learnt to normalise that behaviour. If your relationship breaks down (which it must do if he does not agree to rehab) he will still be entitled to see them and they will still be exposed. Not only does addiction get worse over time but you will no longer be there to protect them. Your son, in particular, will be very vulnerable to following in his father's footsteps.

This is not going to be easy for BF. Tell him how proud you are that he is doing this.

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