Hi peeps

Why does something seem the right thing to do then faced with that person it all goes out the window?

It was my birthday yesterday and BF made a huge effort with my day. He decorated the house with the kids for me in the morning, in the evening cooked me a lovely dinner and bought me in a cake. Kept kissing me and wishing me happy birthday. If I think how it was last year and how awful it was what a difference.

Anyway, once the kids were sound asleep in bed I asked him nicely - can we talk about last weekend? He responded I don’t want to talk about it today Cool it’s your birthday.

So anyway tonight I will talk to him.

Why is it I come to all these conclusions about his drinking / moods and then face face to face it doesn’t seem bad at all?!

I know it’s a problem and I know I have to do this.

He has also asked me if we can go skiing for New Year. It’s so strange acting like he hated me last weekend (now I know it’s not me and it’s his withdrawals) and then this week be onto booking a holiday?!?!

Thanks guya