Hi guys

I got to be honest I find the situation incredibly stressful him swanning in and swanning out. Not once this year he has said about coming home and I have really had enough. My mental health cannot take much more.

Anyway, I confronted him again tonight. I am sorry but the anger has bubbled up inside me. Maybe because I have let it fester inside me as I haven’t had the chance to talk all week.

He sensed something was up tonight. Then he said Cool can we talk. I was polite but it was just difficult to contain. I said sure and I rang him when the kids were asleep.

Then I was calmer and polite, told him that I am struggling, That I confronted him Sunday and I will not tolerate having drugs in the family home and when I confronted you about it I gave you the chance to come clean about it and you didn’t. BF said I would never have drugs in the house around the children, then started to do what he normally does, change the subject back to what I have done wrong and said that I was in a mood with him all the weekend before and making digs at him. He then started to get angry and said just let me know when I can have the children. I put the phone down on him.

I can’t have him come here knowing he is doing drugs.