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Cool the telling him about rehab is for you, so you can finally see he is not serious about getting better. You had kept questioning yourself before and no one wants to see you in that loop. Especially not your kids. If you can’t say it maybe you can put it in a letter or text. That this is how you would know he is serious about protecting you and the kids. There is a reason you are afraid to ask him to protect you. Like you said it makes him want to go harder on saying you are crazy. Why do you want a man who wants to make you feel crazy when you make concrete steps to plan for your protection?

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I am not sure what you mean about the same loop? Also the reason why I am afraid to ask him to protect me?

BF is avoiding me and not speaking to me. He has put me in Plan B! He sent me a text Friday asking me to get the kids to call him and I didn’t. I was annoyed he lied about taking drugs,