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How about this. Plan, get your IM in place and write the plan B letter in which you include rehab. Rehab is not negotionable, for the safety of your children.

Don't tell him during a conversation, if he knows how to play you. Take the steering wheel firm in your own hands, you set the course. If he wants to ride along, make sure he knows what the requirements are. Don't wait for him to do something you react on, but make your plan and act accordingly. Protect yourself from making your old mistakes, don't let him play you.

Talking to/with him never got you the results you wanted, he moved a bit with you and then steered to his own route again. Strategize, plan, implement.

My pull is for the children. I am protecting them but at the same time scared of taking their Dad away from them.

My DS said on the school run this morning, Mum, Daddy has the same christmas decoration up in his house from last year, it just shows how long he has been there! I said to Daddy that Mummy has asked you to come home, and he said that Daddy replied saying she has never asked me to come home.

I am going to speak to him, i need to put my big pants on. Then once and for all I will know what he chooses to do. Dr Harley said that i wrote a very good plan b letter, and everytime I contact him he says in his American accent (love it), just follow the letter and everything will be fine. SO I can just resend him the letter again smile

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