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My pull is for the children. I am protecting them but at the same time scared of taking their Dad away from them.

You do not want to be scared of keeping your children away from an alcoholic drug addict. Children internalise everything. When he has a mood swing they think it is their fault. Even worse is the damage done to them when he suddenly turns on you. They are far better off having no father than this trauma. It will give them massive lifelong anxiety that will start to appear as they hit puberty.

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Dr Harley said that i wrote a very good plan b letter, and everytime I contact him he says in his American accent (love it), just follow the letter and everything will be fine. SO I can just resend him the letter again smile

Does the letter include the specific requirement for rehab? If it does not, do not resend. He will simply roll his eyes. It has to look and feel quite different this time.

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