Morning guys

Just processing everything.

He called yesterday to speak to the kids and I. I had a very brief polite chat with him and passed the phone to the kids. I can hardly face talking to him anymore.

He has not slept under the same roof as his children for 2 weeks now. He has not yet asked for them to stay at his house overnight but he will. He has seen them both for a total of 3 hours this week. Worried about the kids and how they are affected by this, they seem ok actually, I don’t know what to say to them.

I haven’t been out of an evening for ages. I am feeling so lonely. I was suppose to be seeing some girlfriends tonight. Was just thinking of asking for someone to babysit for a few hours or do I get him to have them?!

I have spent so much time obsessing about the relationship all my needs have gone to one side.

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