Hi All

So basically BF has tried to ‘worm his way back in’ like he normally does without addressing the issues. He has been texting non stop. He ended up coming round yesterday and sitting in the house for a few hours.

I went out with some girlfriends last night and he found out that I had a babysitter, he got so mad and immediately asked who babysat. He said he sat at home on his own and could have had the kids, I told him that I tried to speak to him about agreeing a schedule and would like that in place first. He then started to say you just let me know I can have the kids. What he is really mad about is that I went out with the girls. Control freak!!!

So I tried to talk to him again today and he didn’t really want to. Mainly wanted to tell him about rehab and put a stop to all this coming and going. So I said I need to talk to you and then he just blurted out it sounds like you have already made up your mind about us, by the sounds of it. Then he said he feels like he is at the end of it he just wants a quiet life and none of this grief, that there were never any drugs in the house, he wouldn’t do that and it’s just me over thinking everything ‘as always’. It had me believing that maybe he was right and that there weren’t any drugs that I phoned a friend who gave me a wake up call.

I don’t understand any of this. At all, there is no sense or logic. HE insisted the kids stay here without any overnights at his, but continued to keep his house in the week and then his family at weekends. He could have just moved on and had the children, but HE insisted keeping me in the loop too. With what purpose?!

I need to send him the Plan B letter, change the locks, get legal advice and move on.

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