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An addict tries to have both his addiction and his family. It is your job to make it absolutely clear to him that the two are mutually exclusive.

Is he really that much of an addict? Admittedly I found the 'coke' remnants on the side 3 weeks in a row. Can just that cause all this chaos? It is really the addiction that his keeping his own place alongside minimal effort to reconcile? Or just that he likes his 'freedom'?

I wont let him have the kids overnight anyway. I would need a hair drugs test back showing he is clean. I did some research into this on line and the legal area in this is sketchy i was so surprised. Something along the lines that if the drugs use is not affecting them too much then there is not much you can do! What the hell ?!

Had a terrible fright with DS, he has been having stomach pains so I was rushed to hospital with suspected appendicitis. He is ok thank goodness. That has pretty much hijacked my week.

I am AMAZED at how BF has not spent hardly anytime with the children. He hasn't had DD sleep under the same roof as him for over 2 weeks. The bizarre thing is, he is not showing any distress at all about that, at least not to me anyway. I guess I have been holding out for the chance to have a conversation with him. Which I know would be a complete waste of time and would probably end up causing me more distress.

The children are so confused with whats going on. I really need to draw a line in the sand. I need to be in PLan B DARK and protect me from his cake eating ways. I am frightened as SugarCane pointed out at never giving the children the family they so deserve. I am also in denial about his drug use. BF is constantly texting me and he is very panicked about what is going on. He is waiting for me to break though.

I have never been this cold blooded about BF. He literally makes my stomach turn at what he has put his children through. I actually think he is so full of himself and delusions of grandeur that he wants me to beg him to come back.

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