It’s like I am waking up from a long coma and realising the depths of his depravity. It’s almost like I have been under his spell and the mist is starting to lift.

For the last 2 days he has been playing the ill card. Which is one of his tactics to get me to warm to him again. He asked if he could come round today at lunchtime before my DS football match, we all went to the football together.

On the way home he was talking about the kids Christmas presents and what we should get them? He suggested 2 really expensive presents, which he normally never spends that much. Usually I go out and spend about £150 each. I have never been into over spending on children perhaps only as a one off.

Then when we got back to the house, he has started some home improvements in the house again and he asked for us to use some money out of our joint account. He said he would pay £3k and the other £3k would come from the joint account. So I asked him, haven’t you just bought a new motorbike? He said no it is just borrowed. Then I said you are asking me for some money, when you are talking about buying an investment property, have multiple other properties and a multi million pound business? He literally flew out of his seat and said something along the lines of well I tell you what, if you feel like that I will cancel the order and take the windows back? I agreed that’s a good idea and then he said I will go home I said again that’s a good idea.

He then started to say bye to the kids , they practically ignored him (made me chuckle) and he flounced off. I was honestly glad to see the back of him.

Wow impressed a whole new low. I will need that money if we split up.

So babe I am going to spend a £1k the kids for Christmas, but I want you to give me £1.5k towards some replacement windows that we don’t even need.

What on earth?????

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