Feeling much better in Plan B. I am sleeping well, even enjoying life and feeling life is much better separated from him!

He was just so horrible to me, its like the mist has lifted, and any contact I just see as toxic. Like what is he going to say or do now to hurt me?

My IM hasn't said much, only that there have been a lot of requests but none that I need to see.

He dropped children off on Monday and gave them a coffee to give to me. He dropped DS off from football last night, and he tried to engage me in conversation and I just put my hand up smiled and walked inside.

I need to adjust the schedule so he does not come to the house at all. That is perfectly easy to do I can pick them up from his house. I can control the 'transaction' better that way.

Oh one thing, that shows how sick and twisted he is. Before we went into Plan B last week I mentioned that it would be nice to put Christmas decorations up outside our house. We have a beautiful house and would look so lovely decorated with lights. He said 'crack on then' and what would I want to put tacky decorations up for? I did that before when they were babies and we took them all down. Then a couple of days later he has decorated the outside of his house. I noticed as his house is right opposite DS school. He is just a horrible person. Its like he preys on any weakness or vulnerability. Why would I want to live the rest of my life with someone like that?