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I have changed the locks and it helps me sleep better at night. If he ever finds out he will go ballistic.

I changed the locks, made sure the children did not know so that nothing leaked back to him by accident. He arrived. I walked out to his car and quietly told him to leave. He jumped out snarling. I went back inside, locked the door and called the police. He also called the police from outside and said I had a gun. Police arrived, took one look at me and realised he was making it up. Asked me to prove I had the right to live there and I showed them a utility bill in my name. Separately they asked him the same question outside and of course he had no paperwork. They told him it was a civil matter and he had to go to the court to resolve it. He went to court, lost, appealed and they escorted him out at the end of a gun (another good story). I also added a very simple burglar alarm system on just the front door that triggered if he tried to get a locksmith to let him in. He never came back.

Never be afraid of a paper tiger.

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I know I shouldn’t laugh I just can’t help it, but the area where BF lives has moved to a Tier 4 total lockdown from tomorrow. This means he can’t even leave the house. That should make things easier 😜

Yes it will. Use this interregnum to get your ducks in a row. See the solicitor. Ask for exclusive use of the house and all the other stuff. Throw the book at him. Either he will wake up or you will know that you did everything you could to save the relationship.

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