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So more shenanigans. The arrangements via IM were for me to pick children from BF house at 1230. When I got there no one was there. Spoke to IM it seems that he is insisting at dropping off children at mine. So when I got back they were already all there sat in the drive. I got out the car and walked straight into the house. He gave the kids a coffee to give to me, and started to try and talk to me but I just smiled and shut the door.

Perfect, he will quickly get bored of that game.

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Then I find out from IM, that he has informed IM he is going to move to his work office as that way he will only be in Tier 2 not Tier 4 restrictions. There is no bed only a sofa there, definetly nowhere the children can sleep.

Well that makes life easier. Children will get very bored at his office so he will not ask to see them.

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So help me, what is going on now? Can’t understand this logic. Unless he is lying and saying he is staying there so he can still come and go dropping children off here?

Children know that they are to walk from the car?

You do need to see a solicitor to know what your rights are if he tries to force his way in. Best for you and the children would be supervised visitation only until he has dried out and has been clean for a full year. Also you need to get an occupation order so that you have exclusive use of the house. Get that in before he does.

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