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Thank you Living Well.
I am astonished that any person would go to these lengths to manipulate the situation instead of just coming clean and owning up to his mistakes. It must be exhausting!

"Oh what a tangled web we weave/When first we practice to deceive"

My XH was clever, interesting and very talented. He was also a manipulator. It was a coping mechanism. His father had ignored him and his mother had neglected him. He claimed to have no memory of his childhood. The bits and pieces that I got were from his sister. Owning up to your mistakes takes self belief. My XH could do that briefly when caught but within a few days he would have fabricated a different story that turned him back into the victim.

He was never able to manipulate me because I had had a manipulating adoptive mother and could see through all the tricks.

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Divorced - he was a serial adulterer
Now remarried, thank you MB
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