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BF has sent a message asking if he can come to the house for a few hours Christmas morning.

I am not sure how to handle this one. The kids will want to see him Christmas Day. So do I drop them off at his office for a few hours Christmas Day?

I am not even sure where is?! He said he was at the office but could have gone back to his house?


You need to control the agenda. Talk to the children. Their response may surprise you. Then, through your brother, you tell him where you are going to drop them off/pick them up and when.

In future do not wait for him to ask. Tell him when they will visit and for how long, also where you will drop off/pickup. Make Saturday mornings (or whatever you decide) a weekly routine. That will annoy him and will read well in the court.

How are you doing with setting up a meeting with your solicitor? You need to be the one to control that agenda too.

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