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Had a scene this morning. BF came to the house to pick up kids and DS is saying that he didn’t want to go. DD said I want to see Daddy but I don’t want to stay at his house. I encouraged DS to go but he cried saying he really didn’t want to. He always does this. So I told him I am not getting in between him and Daddy and he would have to tell him himself. When BF pulled up on the drive DS told him. DS came back indoors. Then DD said that she didn’t want to sleep at BFs house she wanted to come home tonight..

The more pressure you put on him the better. He needs to feel really uncomfortable. He is not going to address his issues until he has no other choice. Even if the relationship does not survive, he needs to dry out and get clean.

Thank you LW.

I get the impression that he is feeling a lot of pressure. I have had tears, tantrums and pity party. Please tell me what he would have to do for me to know that he is serious about change / rehab? Last time he turned up on the doorstep crying and saying he was devastated.

I am feeling the pressure too. I am ok, and have a nice day tomorrow planned with Mum and Step Dad, but I really just want it to be over frown

I still feel so much anger towards him. I can’t see myself being able to forgive him.

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