I made it through Christmas it went really well.

I was fine in the morning it was quiet and relaxed just the children and I. Felt calmer than I had in years, I have always been on high alert.

In the afternoon I started to feel I incredibly guilty about BF not seeing children on Christmas Day.

DS got upset about not seeing Dad on Christmas Day just before bed.

Kids went off to Dads this morning. I hid in house. This is not difficult in Plan B as I don’t want to see him or have anything to do with him. He makes me sick for what he has put us all through. He came round the side of the house and I could hear him laughing really loudly. Look at how happy I am!!!

Literally all my close girlfriends were phoning me before Christmas. I know it’s because BF is posting like mad on social media (he did this last time) about how wonderful life is. I can’t see it, but people will be picking up on the fact we have broken up.

One of BF best friends text me about taking kids Christmas presents to BF house. What a kick in the teeth. Sure he was put up to it by BF.