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DD showed me one of the videos and it is BF at 2pm laying asleep on the sofa with the football on. He was clearly hungover. So he gets one day with his kids over Christmas and lays on the sofa in a coma sleeping off a hangover. Nice. I bet that image didn’t go on his social media.

This needs t be added to the evidence your solicitor will take to the court. How are you doing with the custody order by the way?

Thanks Living Well.

Honestly - I haven’t done anything. I am scared of doing this and creating a bigger beast..:(. For some reason if I start off that process it could start something awful off like him getting joint custody. For example if I was unable to prove his alchohol/drugs. Also we live in a small town and the repercussions of taking someone like him to court could be huge.

I did also think that when he picked the children up in the morning he could have been over the limit. That is a dreadful thought.

The kids have been telling me that he has come up with a terrible rash all over his body. He had that anyway but sounds even worse. Probably for his night sweats.

Why do I feel so guilty all the time about hun hardly seeing the children?