Hi all

Children came back from Dads this morning. DS text me at 630am asking when he could come home. I said 12 noon and DS responded no Mum 10am please.

When the children got home DS was really moody playing me up. It transpires that he had a conversation with his Dad in the morning about coming home and Dad had read his texts to me and got really angry with DS and shouted at him about wanting to come home to me. BF also started crying infront of them both saying things were really complicated right now and mum was not letting him come to the house.

It took me about 3 hours to get my DS back in the room, hugging him and reassuring him then baking cookies. Finally 4 hours after he got home he returned to normal.

I contacted IM and asked them to pass a message politely asking BF not to cry infront of the children as it really messes them up.

BF has also been asking the children to speak to me to see if he could come over and do fireworks. I told them I really didn’t want to hear any messages from BF as it is upsetting for Mummy.

I think he is getting really stressed and starting to realise he can’t manipulate his way back into my life anymore.

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