Rang alert!!!

I am feeling so angry and furious that we are all in this position because of him. I feel so let down. Things are starting to go wrong with the house and it’s hard now homeschooling, working, looking after house, being mother. All my friends have husbands who are there for them I feel downright sorry for myself. House is going to pot things are getting run down and broken.

When DS came yesterday BF had written a note in his book to me, it was about some joke about me taking a video of sons face when he finds out he is being homeschooled. I really want to respond you just crack on and enjoy your batchelor coke pad you useless piece of a££ and leave us alone.

He even pulled up outside school on his motorbike back in December and later said I saw your friend Kylie looking at me. My god looking at you like her worst nightmare I imagine!!! She has a husband who loves and adores her makes her feel safe and secure ! Are you so deluded about yourself??? You are every woman’s worse nightmare. She probably looks at you with horror.

The problem is he has spent his whole life being a bully walking all over people with no one who actually stands up to him.

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