Thank you New. Funnily enough spoke to my sister today and she said when this whole Covid nightmare is over she will come on holiday with the kids and I. I will also look into online AA meetings.

Kids back today. It’s been a bit of a torturous weekend if I am honest. Yesterday I went out to get DD birthday pressies I got her the cutest pink bike!

On way back from shops driving down my road I passed BF and and children in car. When I got back to the house the alarm had been set so BF had clearly been in the house.
The locks have been changed but I have hidden a new spare key in the garden. DS knows about the spare key so must have got it out for BF.

I sent a message to IM asking him to inform BF it was completely unacceptable for him to come in the house and I am changing the alarm code. Also that he needs to supply his own stuff at his house rather than asking me for goalie gloves, football boots, bikes ect....He can well afford to go out and buy these things, he has a multi million pound company for god sakes! Just another excuse to poke or check up on what I am up to?

Also how much will it mess with the kids coming back home and me not being there and then seeing me go past in the car. And upsetting for me ofcourse frown

Anyway first weekend done. It was horrific sorry, not just as a one off, but accepting this as my future.

Please pray for a miracle and more.

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