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Kids are at BFs house this weekend. Neither of them want to go, mostly DS. I asked him why he doesn’t want to go and he said Dad is always so busy doing stuff all the time we don’t get any rest. I want to stay at home and chill out with you Mum.

Do you encourage them to say that directly to him?

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I really resent the fact that XBF has put us all in the situation. Plan B is no hardship at all. The longer I am away from him the more I can’t believe I tolerated such poor treatment. I can’t believe I felt guilty for keeping his children away from him.

The worst thing that sits with me is how he knew I was so desperate to keep the children with me all the time and how he used it against me as it gave him so much power in the relationship. The worse is the nightmares I have which are being with him but him just playing games with me, him all haughty doing me a favour by being with me. Awful.

Now you need to put on your brave boots and go to see that solicitor. BF's next power play will be the house. You need to preempt that. But first find out your rights. Can you afford it alone?

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