Thanks LW. I remember from what you said before about BF and DS and encouraging DS to speak direct and not get in the way. I had encouraged DS to go to Dads as I know it is important.

However, when BF turned up DS hid in the toilet and refused to go out and speak to him. I managed to persuade DS to speak to Dad and he went outside and spoke to him. BF started to get mad and said well just come to mine and we will sort it out when you are there. BF said no Dad and walked back inside.

BF stayed on the drive shouting ‘Can I speak to my son please’?

I just ignored it and eventually he drove off roaring his engine really loudly.

As soon as he went I chatted to DS he is so upset about us splitting up. He seems to be very angry at Dad and I think they had a row when he was at his house on Wednesday.

This is so hard watching DS go through this. Any insight into what I can do to help him and why he would not want to spend time
With Dad?

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