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Feel in a lot of pain tonight.

Mainly devastated over what we are putting the children through.

Although when I told my children about what was going on with their Mum and Dad, they almost cried with relief. They had felt the tension (children are hyper sensitive about anything to do with their parents) and thought it was their fault for being too naughty.

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If all was good we would have been celebrating 10 years together. I was so looking forward to reaching that milestone. What a load of trash.

Will I ever recover? I have hidden away from friends and family due to the embarrassment of this situation. I feel so incredibly let down by him.

Be patient, this stuff takes time. Your brain has to rewire to the new normal. You need to reconnect with friends and family. Nobody is going to criticise you for going the extra mile.

3 adult children
Divorced - he was a serial adulterer
Now remarried, thank you MB
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