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I also did some reading on emotional abuse and in it, it talked about the effects on the children. It said that where there is abuse and the parents split up, some children discover how pleasant life is without father around and choose to distance themselves from him. This can be a sign of emotional health and recovery. I wonder if this is what is happening with DS?

It is a coping mechanism but DS does need a relationship with his father.

Yes I agree he does.

After all this I still feel that I have love left for BF. Even after all that has happened. Much of the time it is easier to hate him rather than face the rejection and abandonment of BF.

Losing any sort of hope that BF will meet terms of Plan B letter. It has been 8 weeks since I went into Plan B. He has had to face Christmas, daughters birthday and New Years Eve without his family and still nothing.

Is there any hope? I cant even bear to tell people when they ask abut the childrens schedule being every other weekend and see them look at me with pity.

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