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But his selfishness prevailed. You know in your heart, that even with a new partner, he would revert to me me me business as usual in a matter of months...
He is no prize in his present state and he will in all probability never be.
If you had had a future-telling mirror, would you have considered having a relationship with this man, knowing how he would behave?

Thanks Happy Heart - my goodness if I know what I know now I would have run for the hills. He was good with me for many years. I think his downfall was many things stress, narcissistic tendencies, control, alchohol and drugs. I know that he is no catch in his present state, I have even thought if he has a new partner then it would be someone else to watch over the children when they are with him.

My DS did not want to go again this weekend. I managed to persuade him today after him crying to go for one night. I have just dropped him off and he still didn’t want to go. He said Daddy is mean to me. I drove round the corner and pulled up and cried.

This week via IM contacted me as there is an unpaid bill and xBF asked for £500 from joint account. He is doing it to prod. I responded no I am going to need that money to set myself up. When he picked up DD yesterday he made her ring the door ball again and asked about getting a sledge out the garage. I told DD no.

Feeling very traumatised at the moment, and annoyed at myself for pining for him.