Excruciating weekend. I had planned to do up sons weekend and was actually fine with them going as homeschooling and working needed the break. DS refused to go which is traumatic watching your children have to deal with that, and he left a video on my phone saying please get back together with Daddy Mummy.

XBF is doing everything in his power to punish me. Completely invisible to everyone else. I am proud I did NOTHING to react. Excruciating that he organised a walk with my friends and their children. The kind of thing I wanted to do when we were together and he denied me. I am coming to the realisation that anything I asked for when we were together he didn’t want to do and now flaunts it in my face,

He seems to be going all out with doing so many things I wanted him to do when we were together and when I tell people I must sound like a crazy person.

I have also had a request from the IM to do mediation which I have refused.

I am trying to laugh at his childish behaviour but I only see it as vindictive and cruel.