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Wow that was a really tough few days. Back in the room.

I think BF is really starting to panic / suffer. He has made numerous daily attempts to needle me. I have been strong so far.

Suffering and panic are a necessary part of his journey to get help. Nothing you can do except stay strong. He needs to feel he has no alternative. You are potentially saving the life of the father of your children.

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Last night got message from IM who didn’t filter very well and said that BF needs passport as he he needs it for an operation and it’s very urgent. Obviously I am worried and concerned but also believe he is still trying to get a reaction.

Yes, ask IM to eliminate stuff like 'needs it for an operation'.

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It was about this time last year I buckled. Not this time. Maybe this time he is starting to realise I am serious Living Well?

Yes, he is still testing you.

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