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I am also a bit concerned about BFs angry outbursts around the children. DS told me that on Saturday when he arrived at BFs house, BF got very angry with him and dragged him up the stairs and pushed him into the room he had done up for him. Shouting at him saying look at what I have done for you, why didnt you want to come and stay? DS told me that he banged his head against wall and DD said that BF pushed him on the bed. Also in the week, he drove to BF office with kids in the car and started shouting at some individuals very aggressively. So while in many ways it is good BF is panicking it also means his angry outbursts are increasing. Will see what the solicitor says.

Well done finding the right solicitor.

I share your concern about the angry outbursts. My husband has lifelong anxiety as a result of his father's angry outbursts (he was bipolar). DS needs to know that these outbursts are not his fault. Tell him the truth about what causes them. Also give him coping mechanisms such as leaving the room when his father looks as if he is about to lose it.

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