broken_in_east_TN,<P>"<B>My wife is in love with another woman</B>"… with the difference that I added "help!" at the beginning, this was exactly how I titled my first post here. It's too painful for me to repeat my story here and for some old timers it may be boring. If you wish, perform a search to find those posts, many were lost some time ago during one of those MB's "upgrades".<P>I don't know what made me lurk again in MB… I believed that there was nothing left for me here, but maybe, just maybe.. it was meant for me to give you some words, words that coming from somebody who also lost his wife over another woman may be helpful for you although I don't know how. I can say that that one who wrote that "time is the best cure" was right. I cannot tell you without lying that I don't cry once in a while, that although I took all our pictures together off the walls I still save my favorite one hiding behind another photo in a shelf and once in a while, nostalgic, I stare at it for long time wondering what I did wrong.<P>The thing is: I didn't and neither did you. Your wife is not running away from you but trying to reach her true self if she is really a lesbian. Last July I read a book that the wife gave me and is really an eye opener not so much to help you understand her but to help you understand your feelings, its title is <B>"The Other Side of the Closet" by Amity Pierce Buxton, Ph. D., and it's about "The Coming-Out Crisis for Straight Spouses and Families"</B>. They Have an organization called "Straight Spouse Network" and a web site: <A HREF=";" TARGET=_blank>;</A> I exchanged a couple of e-mails with Dr. Buxton around September last year, I was thinking in organizing a chapter in my hometown (and country- Mexico) but that's on hold for now… I may still do it, just need the time (and the guts) to "come out" in that sort of thing.<P>Read the book (find it in the Psychology or Self-Help sections of your bookstore), check the web site but above all, remember that you are not alone, not only in the infidelity side of this, but also on "the other side".<P>Take care of yourself, get enough sleep, reach out to your friends and family, you'll find out that there are many, many people who love you and care for you.<P> [Linked Image from] Alex