Angelface,<BR>Do you know your friend's parent's? Maybe you could talk with them first and see what they thought. At least you could find out exactly how to go about it if they thought you should tell her. Is she still living with her parents? I would just make sure that she doesn't have to go through this by herself. Maybe you could give her some of the books you may have read that helped you, or better yet, maybe you could go stay with her for a few days and tell her the first night. That way you could help her keep her mind off of the OC for a little while. I hope you don't care what her H thinks of you, what a jerk..asking you not to tell your friend. If you weren't so concerned about her health, I bet you would have picked up the phone as soon as you got home and told her. I hope he goes into deep depression soon, when he realizes that the circumstances surrounding this OC will not be as joyous as possibly adopting a baby with your friend. God bless you for your concern over your friend. She is fortunate to have you.<BR>Floored