THank you for your words of encouragement, AskMe. I am a co-dependent, and my WH is an SA in denial. I was in denial, too, until it was too late. He's having an EA with a co-worker, (or maybe now it's a full fledged A--I don't know), and moved out 3 months ago and I am heartbroken. WE're married 9 years, in our 40's.

He still attends our church--sits in the back alone. THe pastors have all been tough on him, rebuked him, but he's not listening. He still goes to men's church sporting events (softball, football, golf, etc.)--alone--but not to BIble sudies in years. He was a strong CHristian, went to seminary for two years to go into ministry, but God lead us to helping the pastor, not being the pastor.

Everyone is baffled by him, especially me. He knows better. I don't know what to do. We were both leaders in out church. I'm not in Plan B, but not in Plan A either because he no longer lives at home. Should I change churches and go to Plan B? Most of my friends are there at that church and that would be tough on me. I love my pastor and his wife. My WH has gone to our pastor several times for counsel, but comes away still wanting a divorce and rejecting the Word of God.
All I can do now is pray. Any words of wisdom and your prayers are greatly appreciated.