Ezekiel 20:15-17 (NLT)
15But I swore to them in the wilderness that I would not bring them into the land I had given them, a land flowing with milk and honey, the most beautiful place on earth. 16I told them this because they had rejected my laws, ignored my will for them, and violated my Sabbath days. Their hearts were given to their idols. 17Nevertheless, I pitied them and held back from destroying them in the wilderness.

The Bible can be specific in many ways. It says on August 14, during the seventh year of King Jehoiachin's captivity, some of the leaders of Israel came to request a message from the LORD. Part of the answer was given above to Ezekiel, which reviewed the rebellion of Israel before they entered the land of Canaan. God says it was the most beautiful place on the earth, flowing with milk and honey. God was ready to hand it over to them. Yet the people had violated His laws, had given their hearts to idols, and ignored what He had planned for their lives. God could have destroyed them, but He pitted them and gave hope for their children to be obedient to Him.

In the book of Numbers, men were sent out to explore the land flowing with milk and honey and they returned with wonderful fruit to prove how great the land was. But many of the men reported the people living there are powerful, and their cities and towns were fortified and very large. They said, “We also saw the descendants of Anak who are living there! The Amalekites live in the Negev, and the Hittites, Jebusites, and Amorites live in the hill country. The Canaanites live along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and along the Jordan Valley. And some of the men said we even saw giants there.” Caleb stood alone before Moses and said, "Let's go at once to take the land," he said. "We can certainly conquer it!" Then Joshua stood with Caleb. But everyone else was ready to stone them in fear, because they did not trust the Lord. God told them those who were 20 years and older would not be allowed to enter the Promised Land, with the exception of Joshua and Caleb. God gave hope to the children that they might learn to walk in God’s ways and not follow the ways of their parents and elders. What examples are you setting in your life? Are they Godly ones others can follow? Pray that God would show you how to live your life in Christ. Pray for Jesus to lighten sin’s burden. Ask for guidance that would show others the right path to follow towards God.