Ecclesiastes 10:11 (NLT)
11It does no good to charm a snake after it has bitten you.

Solomon provides much wisdom throughout Ecclesiastes in his own search to understand the world and humanity. The enchantment should come first, because trying to charm afterwards does no good.

There are positive lessons which can be learned from the verse above. A person can learn they should be charming in order to gain the approval of others. It does no good to walk in with criticism and harsh words and then expect others to follow you. It’s like a snake that bites them and then expects them to be charmed. The Bible teaches us to respect others and to love them. There are many good words in the Bible on how we should live our daily lives. Take some time and spend it with God when you can. God will bless those moments with Him. Pray that you might learn His lessons of life for you. Pray that His blessings will be abundant and help you touch others lives.