We had agreed that once he would be ready he would let me know. Then over the last few days he agreed to take vacation time over Thanksgiving so we can fly to see my Mom and family in FL (we are in TX)!! I know this is not cheap as we need 5 tickets pretty much last minute but he said he has not taken much time off since DD#3 was born so it was time. So THAT alone was HUGE great news for me as that means he wants to see my family and it felt like the "old days", then out of the blue right before bed last night he handed me his wedding ring (which I had not seen it in the house for months!) and he told me to put it on his finger again as he is certain I am sincere and he is ready for us to put the past in the past (without forgetting the lessons we've learned of course!).

So here we are today.........

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