Thanks Hiker, I’m so sorry (((((Booka))))).

McBecca, you have helped me tremendously, I’ve been following your replies to HS,
They are the inside thoughts of a WS that every BS need to know.

As far as my WW relation with OM goes, she never wanted to go live with him,
If you can figure that one out.

Now I can’t discuss this here but she knows that I have proof of the A still going on.

But every time I talk to her about NC with OM she gets angry and tells me, her decision now have nothing to do with OM.

The M is been over for years now.

I asked her why she doesn’t want to try, this is all I’m asking, and we have nothing to lose
And everything to gain, if it does work, we owe it to the kids.

She said the kids will get over it, they are hurting now, I told her I know, but the D will
Hurt them 100 times more, I think Rain you are making the biggest mistake of your life.

I know that the state of the M was bad before your A but you didn’t want out, and you didn’t want to work on the M.

But your decision now have everything to do with you’re A because it’s still going on,
And I think you just want me out so you can continue doing what your doing.

If not then why you are divorcing me?
Am I that bad of a guy in your opinion?
You know you are going to regret this don’t you?

All she could say is that “ it’s over”.

I gave her 2 ways out before her A started; on her birthday in 2005 I made a card for her,
At the end I asked her if she would marry me again, and I had a ring with me, she started crying, and told me “I don’t deserve you”, I told her this is not my Question, Rain this is
Your way out I know you are not happy, do you want to marry me again?
She said yes.

Then last summer she wanted a pool for the kids, the cost was close to $100K.
So I asked her again are we going to stay together? Are we going to stay in this house for
A while? And she said yes.

So we wasted $100K. When I brought this up, she said I made a mistake all right.
I wasn’t thinking.

Well is she thinking now?

I don’t know I have an appointment with my lawyer on Monday, to see my options.


((((Becaa)))) thank you very much.

BH 44
WW 40
2KIDS DD 6, DS 7