You get carried away?

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I'm such a stickler, ain't I? (Imagine an old furry cartoon character when you read that...hopefully, you caught some Looney Tunes in your international life.)

In the present...this moment, are you safe? Are you bearing your pain, knowing it fully? Sounds like you are.

Sounds like you know.

Until you go into the future, even a day...

Stay here.

You are coming home, you are sharing. You are being the father you wanted to be (within your control). You know your goals and priorities. Go over them. Stay in them. This is how you can best support your children today.

Right now.

Sign up for parenting classes right away. Do not tell your WW about them. They are often required for a divorce. Be proactive. Act on your love, not your fear. You can do this.

Doesn't mean you'll be divorced, either. Means you'll have more information than you did before.

Sharing has no questions.

Would you consider making a copy of the top sheet of the filing, and write on the copy, "Contact continued" and mail it to response required...just you updating.

That quote you like...about when you are nice, people walk all over you? Well, that's garbage to me. When you don't enforce your boundaries, people will cross them...and you will cross theirs.

God's design.

Now that you know better, live better.

You self-soothed with your choice to believe you could not possibly hurt was a false payoff. You don't know where all your pain is coming how could you believe there wasn't more in store?

Learning where I injured, re-wounded myself lessened my pain...tracing it back, like a mass of network cables, my friend...through the the server...was real self-comfort. Based in truth. Nothing to bash or punish myself for...because I made the choice to trace, to know...

Please make that choice, Tony.