Boundaries for tomorrow ... I need to know if this is acceptable:

1. If I have to fake it, you have to fake it - this means you will need wear your wedding ring at dinner. Otherwise you can go to dinner on your own and tell your parents.
2. Your time here with DD will be spent doing things with her, not relaxing. If you didn't get enough sleep, that is your problem.
3. You will not answer your phone or respond to text messages or emails while here. Go ahead and tell OW that you will be with your daughter tomorrow and not to interrupt that time. (Keep in mind - this would be his 1st awareness that I know about OW.)
4. After DD goes to bed we will need re-discuss our separation - we need to have specific terms if this is what you want.
5. If you are still set on separation, then you will need to take your things with you when you leave. I will tell DD in the morning that you had to get to work early and you can still pick her up after school.

If and ONLY if you agree to these terms, you may come over at 12:00 PM tomorrow. There is no negotiating these boundaries and no further discussion regarding them will take place.

Sound ok? Too harsh?

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