Yes, B, I know... that is why I included the next sentence about his family and daughter. I do believe that it is very healthy to walk away from someone that does this to you...but having children complicates things and gives a reason to stay and fix things.
But in reality... and this is something I have read about and talked with my IC about... a person that has the strength to walk away after such an assault is most likely making the most healthy decision for them. Again, I will quote that study that I have mentioned here many times that 75% of those that were cheated on and stayed married are very unhappy in their M and would make the decision to leave if faced with that choice again. There have also been polls here that have said the same thing... that if people knew (some people) what recovery entailed, they would choose to not go through it.
As far as still being married.... I place NO significance on the Gov't's role in M. If a person is cheated on and wishes to divorce... and they reside serparate from their STBX, I have no problem with them dating. Others here feel otherwise, but that is my take on things.

But I do think, as I have said many times here, that he is not acting properly given the circumstances of this situation.